Hema & Daryl,

How can you photograph happiness, when words can barely explain it? Well, kind of like this:

In his image, when he kisses her forehead, with gratitude and reverence. Maybe because she said Yes, maybe because she was his best friend long before she said it. And in the way she holds on to him, hard, maybe because she missed him her entire life, maybe because she can barely contain her excitement for the life they now begin.

In the countless pair of shoes that say the family is there. In his hands and those of their friends, that make flower bouquets and arrangements, instead of sleeping or trembling in emotion. In the wedding venue, filled not only by them, but brimming with their spirit and imagination. We captured it in the details they never told us about, but we recognized them in. In his tears, when he sees his bride, in her tears when she saw his, in the light of their feelings, that make the images just right.

Happiness is the history written in shadows you see through that Beetle’s back window and it makes you feel like an intruder, but you also smile, because they will smile too when this image will remind them of his parents that were Just Married in the same car.

After every click, we breathe in relief, because you’re always afraid you’ll scare away that beautiful feeling of intimacy and pure joy. You disguise yourself in light and shadow, so that they can be alone in their world, them and their happiness. And when they cry, their tears tell each other stories you can capture, when they laugh, they laugh from the heart, like in those lazy vacation mornings.

Happiness is somewhat like a wedding photographer’s goosebumps: you can’t see it exactly, because the images are clear, but you can sense it, in the way the images make you instantly feel it.

When all was quiet and we retired, we smiled to each other, we kissed and held each other. Because this is how you catch happiness in photography: you feel it. It’s all around and radiating out of the images you captured. And you’re grateful that you witnessed it, so you can tell that story.

Moments lived by Hema and Daryl, imagined and captured by Andra & Marius Dragan

Felt and told by Cătălina în cuvinte

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