Stella & Antonis,

Three things feel different when you photograph people who are in love: light, time and family. And being with them, we felt them too, in a new definition, so deep it seeps out of every frame.

Time passes differently in a love story. We lost ourselves in its passing at their side. It felt like they told us everything, like we knew them forever, with every new frame they shared the story of their time together. And we recorded it in click, click, click, as they were living their traditional Greek wedding on a very small island in the Aegean Sea.

Family, we found, can mean a celebration. We were not their witnesses, their photographers, but part of the whole. We could have never imagined that as a service provider you can be treated so beautiful. In the eyes of their baptized daughter we saw how you spell happiness, in their laughter we saw hospitality, in their games and party we captured the untold.

You can photograph love when you feel it. Over the day, we fell in love with their story, with the joy of the years they shared and with the happiness they now share with the world. We say we photographed them. Actually, they welcomed us into their family and showed us what the celebration of a 9 years love looks like.

When you see skin that doesn’t hide, smiles that turn into naturally felt laughter, when the eyes of a child look straight into you…you know you’re part of the story.

Moments lived by Stella & Antonis, imagined and captured by Andra & Marius Dragan

Felt and told by Cătălina în cuvinte

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