Wedding Photography Awards

We got quite a lot of prizes for our wedding photography lately and some of them are:


  • 11th place in the worldwide Fearless Photographers top of 2015 for wedding photographers;
  • 32nd place in the worldwide ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) top of 2016;
  • Present in top 50 Fearless Photographers top of 2016;
  • Present in top 150 (with random order) best wedding photographers in the world according to in 2016;
  • award for one of the best 33 (with random order) wedding shoot in 2015, awarded by Fearless Photographers;
  • 15 Fearless Photographers awards;
  • 18 ISPWP awards (in just 4 editions), including a 11th worldwide place in the summer of 2016;
  • over 100 MyWed Wedding Photographers, including 5 photos awarded between the best of the year;







Fearless Photographers AMDragan

Awards- Fearless Photographers

Fearless Photographers Weddings- AMDragan

Awards of AMDragan- Fearless Photographers

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Fearless Photography Awards by AMDragan

Wedding Photography- Fearless Photographers

Weddings- Fearless Photography Awards


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