When did you start shooting weddings? How many weddings did you shoot?

We are professional wedding photographers for about 7 years and we had the privilege to shoot more then 200 years in this period.

Do you travel for your work?

Yes we do. Shooting weddings around the world is something we are used to. Some of the most interesting places we’ve been are: Costa Rica, USA, Singapore, Dubai, St Maarten, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Monte Carlo, Tunisia or Vietnam.

What’s your style?

We like to describe our style as being colorful and full of emotion. We like to document your wedding, not to give directions. We will be around you all the time – we will be really close, we will be really far… we will be everywhere. We like to document the day in a creative manner and to capture angles and details that you didn’t thought about.

When will we see the photos from our wedding?

You will see a short preview of the wedding (about 50 images on a musical background) in about 2 weeks from the wedding. The link with all the edited images will be ready in about 6 weeks from the wedding.

Do you work with a second photographer?

Most of the times we try to do so. Having a second shooter helps you to have a more complete coverage of the wedding – more diverse angles and moments.

Do you offer engagement sessions?

Yes. We offer both engagement and after the wedding sessions and it doesn’t matter the location or the time of the year. We are used to all kind of situations.

Do you also provide video services?

No, we only provide photography services. But if you want, we can recommend you a very talented videographer that we often work with and who’s work you will definitely love.

How many pictures will we receive?

The number for a full day coverage is about 800 images. But this can go up or down, depending on the events of that day. We have never delivered less then 700 images for a full day wedding.

Do we get RAW or JPEG images?

We shoot RAW, but you get JPEG images. You pay for the final product which is the JPEG. So, after editing, RAW images became JPEG.

Will we get our photos with your watermark?

You will get all your photos at their full size, no watermark.

What’s the idea with the copyright?

The idea of copyright is usually misunderstood. The copyright of the pictures belong to the photographer, because he is the one creating them. But you will have the full res images and you can print and post whatever and whenever you want.

Do you offer albums?

Yes. We always deliver an album in our packages. We consider that the album is the final product that we can offer after the wedding. We don’t want you to keep the photos on a memory stick and forget about them. That’s why the album is the best way to remind you about the amazing moments from the big day.

Can we see an album?

Of course. We can have a personal or a Skype meeting and you will receive all details about albums and the other products that you will receive from us.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use professional Nikon equipment for main and backup gear. If you are interested in details, we use D4 and D5 camera and prime lenses. For more details, please contact us.

When should we book you for our wedding?

As soon you decide, as better. Usually the good dates are booked about one year before. But this doesn’t mean that some dates cannot be available a few months before the wedding. The idea is that sooner is better.