Each story is unique. It’s your story.
Let’s make your love and happiness unforgettable!





Each story is unique. It’s your story.
Let’s make your love and happiness unforgettable!





Each story is unique. It’s your story.
Let’s make your love and happiness unforgettable!





Each story is unique. It’s your story.
Let’s make your love and happiness unforgettable!





Each story is unique. It’s your story.
Let’s make your love and happiness unforgettable!

Hi! I am Marius – wedding photographer Costa Rica. I suppose you’re looking for the best wedding photographers in Costa Rica so let me show a little of my work and talk about organizing a wedding in Costa Rica.

You can start by viewing a slideshow from a wedding in Costa Rica!

The process of finding the ideal Costa Rica wedding photographer is stressful, right?

I sure bet! I offer to remove unnecessary stress from your wedding day. Together we will replace those worries with joy and celebration. You just have to enjoy every moment of your wedding in Costa Rica.

Whether it is traditional, progressive, or both, I can handle any shooting you want, in any style. No concept is too classic, not too daring. Your dream photos will come true on the days we spend together… the wedding day, the Trash the Dress adventure session or the day before the wedding, full with genuine emotion.

A creative storyteller offers you the chance to remember the feeling of each moment

I am lucky to have the opportunity to do the photography I love the most. I document the true love stories of my couples on the most important day of their lives, capturing unique, original feelings and moments through images that feel like stories.

You will be able to recapture such a special moment of your lives.

Getting married in Costa Rica?

You have already decided to tie the knot and have already chosen Costa Rica as a suitable destination.


You will not regret your choice. The cake is ready; guests are here; this is the perfect time to capture the magical moment. An expert should take these photos, do not leave your lovely frame in the hands of an amateur and looking for a Costa Rica wedding photographer is always a good choice.
With its hot and humid climate, Costa Rica offers a unique atmosphere, allowing photographers to explore a variety of natural backgrounds until they find what suits your wedding vision. But the environment also has unique challenges that only a Costa Rican photographer can imagine.

Re-experience these moments with friends and loved ones

Inspired by nature – I love colours and beautiful light, and my main goal is to create stunning and unique photos for you, inspired by the amazing Costa Rican beaches, mountains and stunning places.

Photo Ideas for You – Getting Married in Costa Rica

The photos on your wedding day will make you look at your best and remind you of how much fun you had.

Marius Dragan Wedding Photographer – Costa Rica Elopements

You need to feel comfortable, take care of yourself and be fully confident that you will have beautiful memories for a lifetime and beyond!

Trust me, your wedding photos will be the highlight of your day without taking your timeline! I’ll be there for you, capturing memories for a lifetime.

Do not think for a second that you are alone in this. You are part of this journey together with your families and friends and you can be sure they get all my appropriate attention

Special and honest moments of happiness that will remain forever!

  • Details
  • The place of the ceremony;
  • The venue
  • Funny moments;
  • Silhouettes
  • Your wild party; 

  • All about the light 

  • First Dance 

  • Emotional moments

  • Searching for minimalism;

  • Taking advantage of the sunset light;

  • Showing the magic of the place;

  • Getting ready;

  • Speeches;

  • In between moments;

  • Kids

  • Creating art

  • The days before and after the wedding activities;

  • All the unexpected moments that occurred during our stay together; 

And believe me, there is still so much going on to fill your moments with unique custom love at your wedding in Costa Rica. 

What is the price of being able to relieve all these memories again and again? Give yourself the chance to benefit from the most beautiful memories! Book your date today!

  1. Inquiry

Start by filling out a small form right here. I respond strangely (unless my kids or my wife says so – sorry, they rule).

2. Zoom

I do not like to give you juicy details when you are excited. That’s why I would love to schedule a call with you within 48 hours to tell me all the greatness you are planning! I’m just as excited as you are!

3. Brochure

You will receive a custom brochure of the suitable options for your special wedding day. Choose the ones you cannot live without!

4. Contracts and Invoices

Once you have decided, the time has come to protect all parties to the contract, and then the invoice will be in your hands. Pay the deposit amount, and your date is locked, and prep can start.

And that’s it! What are you waiting for? Oh, maybe a little more about me …

I am Marius Dragan,

I am here for you! I have years of experience working as a wedding photographer, and no matter what dreams or ideas you have, you can be confident that they can become your memories.

I am open-minded and can’t wait to hear what you are planning! Indoor or outdoor, religious or off-beat … your wedding photos will be a fantastic legacy for the generations to come!

There is no shame in my game! If you have any demands, I will there with you!


Marius is not only an exceptional photographer but also an extraordinary person. At our wedding we left ourselves completely in his hands and the result was exceptional: he managed to capture the most beautiful moments and put them in the best light. For us, he was and is the perfect photographer. Thank you again!

It was a pleasure and a joy to have you with us at our wedding and thank you very much once again for your service! You are a perfect professional and I would highly recommend it to everyone! We wanted to have “suppliers” and collaborators throughout the wedding to whom we would not give any indication, in fact we would give them a free hand to run in their own style and you did it in a great way. We are simply delighted.

Thank you again!

What makes you guys so amazing is that you put all of your heart and soul into the moment and you transform it into a precious everlasting memory! You’re work is truely inspiring! You’re not only artists but true sweet hearted and caring professionals at the same time! Keep it up, you’re beyond great!

You are definitely the ones of the BEST photographers I’ve ever met and awesomeeee peoples that will make you feel very close to them. They know to create from small things , amazing memories, stories with emotional feelings that will make you smile for a long long while. Thank you again! Highly recommended!

Everything was wonderful at our wedding – the photos are extraordinary, spontaneous, surprising, artistic, professional and, for some time now… award-winning! It seems natural to us!

We are very happy for the fantastic evolution, for the well-deserved awards and, no matter where the wedding takes place, we always recommend it to our friends with the greatest confidence!

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